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$10 Makeup-Drawer Makeover

A drawer even Mary Poppins would be proud of.

While I pride myself on being a very organized person, I am also a very busy person. I work full time in a role that demands great attention to detail, run the Creative LMent store (and various social networking sites including this blog), and still try and find time for part time studies, family, friends and travel (another favourite hobby of mine). Those of us who juggle the priorities of a busy life know that it isn’t easy, but over time, we learn to exist in imperfection, and sometimes, outright chaos.

Exhibit A: The Before

Enter Exhibit A – my make up drawer as it existed a few hours ago.  Now, for those that know me well, you’ll appreciate how pride swallowing it is to show this publicly. This embarrassing state of affairs is a victim of my busy schedule – having been repeatedly bumped to the bottom of many a to-do list, itemized well below things like paper craft projects, time with loved ones and assorted work related take-home’s.   Due to its dysfunctional state it was recently granted new priority status. You’ll see here in the picture the faint remnants of an organizer I once fashioned out of an old shoe box – a quick and inexpensive organization project I recall being so proud of at one point. Meant only for the short term, I continued to use it, even after the spoils of one-too-many Sephora trips tore down its hot glued little walls.  Not pretty.

Basic dollar store organizers.

Now, for all you Canadian gals out there – run (don’t walk) to your local Dollarama. They recently stocked these amazing clear plastic drawer organizers. They are made with thick, clear plastic and are perfect for holding spill prone make-up products.  Before you leave home, do yourself a favour and write down the measurements of your drawer.  Mine are very small, 8.5 x 18 (with a 7.5″ depth), and knowing this allowed me to buy the exact quantity and configuration of units I needed to finish my project.  If you are lucky enough to have a drawer 9″ wide, you’ll find yourself with many more configuration options.  Be sure to pack a measuring tape or ruler so that you can double check your measurements in store.

Preparing for the Transformation...

Before checking out, I found an empty shelf and laid things out in eager anticipation. As you can see – my measurements allowed me to buy several different units. Because of the small width of my drawer, I was left with 2.5″ on one side, so I decided to also buy a few of clear plastic pen organizers (kept in the stationary section of the store) which I thought would be perfect for things like pencils, brushes and mascara.  Lucky me – they measured 3″x 2.5″, and because I already knew the measurement of my shelf depth, I was confident that I could stand items up in them without it interfering with the drawer closing.

A freshly lined drawer.

Once I got home, I got to work sorting through all my make-up. I used this as a spring cleaning activity – throwing out old product, washing makeup brushes and cleaning up the packaging on any items I wanted to keep.   I then transitioned over all the items into the new organizers, placing them in a format that suited my current collection as well as location preferences. Once that was done, I got to work cleaning and lining the drawer.  I had some nice pinstriped scrapbook paper on hand, which I cut and placed in the drawer (I didn’t even tape the liner down since I was just placing the containers over top).  Lastly, I migrated over all of the containers in my planned configuration.

Until tomorrow!

This is a great way to show case your existing make-up collection – all the while making your space more functional. Now that each item has a home, I won’t be inclined to thoughtlessly toss items into the drawer, and knowing how many of each item I actually own, I will be much less inclined to buy duplicate product.  Above all, I will now spend each morning peering into a beautiful space all my own, one which while horizontal, shows some inspiration from the Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s $275 clear make-up organizer.   This project cost me just $10 and is a great way for any gal to prepare for spring/summer 2011.  Happy spring cleaning all! ~LM


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