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Toronto 2011

After seeing U2 play their 360 Tour at the Gilette Stadium in Massachusetts, and again at the Rose Bowl in California, my husband decided we should see them one last time, here within our native Canada. He planned the entire trip for me as a surprise – and a quick vacation for the both of us (isn’t he sweet!).  Staying in the same downtown area as my husband used to live, we were both amazed with how many new buildings there were; construction was underway just about everywhere we went!  We made a stop at Wayne Gretzky’s Restaurant, the place where we had our very first date (over 8 years ago), and the local convenience store where we always bought treats, neither of which had changed at all.  It brought back a lot of fond memories for the both of us :D

Walking around town, we were both impressed to see so many other scooter enthusiasts out and about in the downtown core.  I love (love, love!!) that Toronto provides free parking to scooter and motorcycle riders alike.  The benefit of this is incredible – reduced pollution, traffic congestion, fuel consumption and demand for passenger vehicle parking, and for citizens, it provides cheap and sustainable transportation alternatives for short distance travel.    I was giddy at how incredibly European all the parked scooters made the streets look.  So charming!

Another wonderful service the city of Toronto now offers are bicycle rental stations. Drop off/pick up stations were everywhere we went!  For $5 (or $12 for 3 days), one can ride around town for a 24 hour period – and local advertisers get to promote their products, off setting the initial investment in infrastructure.  Now that’s what I call urban sustainability!  I really wish my hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia would open their eyes up to ideas such as these.

Roger's Centre SkyDome, Toronto Ontario

Chad and I spent the first half of our full day shopping at the Eaton Centre.  Lots of stores to see, many of which now have locations here in Halifax…but this did not stop me from buying several treasures! :D Before heading over to see U2 play at the Roger’s Centre SkyDome, Chad and I enjoyed an amazing dinner at the Swedish market themed restaurant, Mövenpick Marché.  He opted for steak, while I enjoyed a sweet chicken stir-fry.   Then we both headed over to the dessert area; Chad walked away with an tasty specimen of banana pie, and I with a made-to-order strawberry and vanilla crepe.  Wowsa, what an amazing meal!  Once we were done, we headed over to watch the concert.  Opening for U2 was the band Interpol, which wasn’t as impressive as other opening acts we’ve seen on this tour (Snow Patrol and Black Eyed Peas).  U2’s play list differed from their previous 360 Tour concerts, giving us a chance to sing along to a ton of older hits, which was really nice.  Once the last rock star had stepped foot off  stage, we both appreciated the fact that our hotel was just a few blocks from the SkyDome, and that a Tim Horton’s presented itself en route to our destination! We took our time getting home, had a nice sleep and then headed back home in the morning.  It was a quick trip – but oh, so much fun.  ~LM

Waiting for the opening band, Interpol, to finish before U2 stepped on stage.


2 comments on “Toronto 2011

  1. Lynda MacDonald
    July 18, 2011

    Lisa Marie,
    Loved your blog…great idea re: scooters/bicycle kiosks in Halifax/Sydney…you could make a difference by approaching Halifax councillors or run for a councillor position yourself,using this idea~ you’d be a very creative, hardworking councillor for the people and their healthy lifestyles! Best wishes in all your goals/trips/adventures,
    take care,

    • CreativeLMent
      July 18, 2011

      Awww…I have the best mom-in-law! :D Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement!! Between Chad and I, I’m sure there is something we can do. These models can easily be replicated locally, it just takes a collective voice and perhaps a few corporate sponsors. Maybe a petition is in order…hmmmm ;) Thanks again for the encouragement! ~LM

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