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Fall Garland and DIY Candy Jar

This year I decided to add a little fall charm to my office space using my favorite medium, paper!  Incorporing the seasons most inspiring shades of green, brown, cream and rust, I whipped up these easy-to-make garlands using stands of inexpensive raffia.  For added effect, I embossed several of the leaves, using some handsome houndstooth and herringbone embossing folders, and added depth to the cream colours leaves using an antiquing craft ink.

Stands of homemade paper leaf garland.

To continue this theme into my office space, I decided to make a festive candy dish for my guest table.  Taking a glass candle holder and glass canister (both from the local dollar store), I place the canister on top and hot glued both items together – resulting in one tall standing candy dish.  Love!!

Two totally separate dollar store items…

Come to think of it, even my glue sticks were from the dollar store – so inexpensive right?

…now put together as one!

I love the drama of the height!  Oh, I couldn’t wait to embellish this…

Kraft masking tape for the belly band.

I was a tad undecided at first whether or not to use designer craft paper for the belly band, but in the end, I decided to try out some beautiful kraft masking tape I recently bought off Esty.  I was so happy with my decision! I just love the rich colour of it – and like that it is sturdy enough to stay put without any fuss, but easy to peel off when I want to change the embellishment (oooo..I have a ton of Japanese masking tape that I will have to try on a future project!).

Embellished with a DIY fall inspired paper medallion.

Such an easy project but it looks far more expensive that the $5 it cost to make (that $5 includes the candy).  It is perfect for my table at work since it takes little room, and I appreciate that it is a closed container, slightly (ever so slightly), reducing my urge to reach over and grab a treat.  I can’t wait to decorate a new version of it for Christmas!  Have a great day everyone! ~LM

The finished product!


4 comments on “Fall Garland and DIY Candy Jar

  1. Susan Mac Donald
    October 13, 2011

    such a lovely piece of candy decor; some $$ stores have great finds; TFS!

    • CreativeLMent
      October 13, 2011

      I know! I love the Dollar store! I feel so lucky that they are building one at the end of my street. I’m going to be there every weekend looking for supplies, I can’t wait! :D ~LM

  2. Courtney Larson
    October 13, 2011

    Another fantabulous creation. I will be thieving this for my kids treat jar. Thank you!

    • CreativeLMent
      October 13, 2011

      Thank you so much Courtney! Dollarama at Bayer’s Lake – the candle stick and the canister are sitting RIGHT next to each other on the shelf, like it was mean’t to be right? If you post pictures, let me know, I’d LOVE to see :D Hugs~ LM

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