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Halloween Projects 2011

This year, I really wanted to design some serious halloween paper crafts as gifts  for a few of my closest peeps.  I envisioned a vintage pallet of cream, black and orange, and day dreamed of paper medallions and glitter accents.   I was a tad nervous about the glitter, since I do not normally use it, but was thrilled with the final results.

My glittered "Boo" banner

I had seen other versions of DIY wall bats on Pinterest and knew that it was something I wanted to try myself.  I was impressed (and a tad creeped out) with how real the bats appeared once I had finished putting them in place!  Taking inspiration from Disney World Imagineers, I used their technique of forced perspective.  In fact, if you were standing by my bats up close, you would see that there are three (3) different sized bats used.  The forced perspective creates movement and depth (and in my opinion, a touch of magic!).

My very own creepy swarm of bats.

To share some Halloween spirit with friends and coworkers, I decided to make up some festive treat bags.  As you can see, I have a slight obsession right now with medallions – so I was determined to add some here as well. This style favour bag holds  3-4 miniature candies or chocolate treats, filling them out perfectly.

Mini treat bags featuring a blinged out spiderweb medallion.

I also designed these cute sleeves which are perfect for small bars or flat treats.  If you have health conscience folks who you want to include in the Halloween festivities, these are especially great for granola, fruit or energy bars (as well as small flat dark chocolates).

"Creepy Treat" or "Spooky Sweet" sleeves.

My “kids” could not resist getting into the Halloween spirit too.  I found these collars at the local dollar store – aren’t they cute!

The Great Pumpkin, Baxter!

Happiest of Halloween’s everyone, stay safe and have fun! ~LM

Happy Halloween from Bat-Bentley!


2 comments on “Halloween Projects 2011

  1. Susan Mac Donald
    October 30, 2011

    very cute, my friend [the cats, too!] our dogs are not too excited about the collar thing, so, I think it’ll be their own design that they’ll be wearing…..have a safe one & hopefully not a messy one, like tonight!

    • CreativeLMent
      October 30, 2011

      I was lucky and caught Bat-Bently mid-yawn! I loved how his teeth were exposed like a bat (plus, I think it really shows off his purrrsonality) :D Thanks for following! Love LM

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