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Holiday Note Card Sleeve for Pen Gift

A client of mine has a very talented family member who designs beautiful, handmade wood pens.  Wanting to creatively present these to some of his coworkers, he came to see me.  Challenged by this unique request, I was eager to get started!  I thought of a few ideas, and finally landed on this concept – a note card sleeve, where the pen is truly the star of the show. 

Pen adhered to sleeve with coordinating notecard.

Since my coworker is in the field of communications, I decided to use designer paper with a graphic holiday word print. To make the sleeve, I used one piece of designer paper, and one piece of card stock, sewing them both together.  The note card was cut from a slightly smaller piece of white card stock and stamped with a holiday image in the one corner.  Then I rounded out the corners on both the note card and the sleeve (on the side where the recipient would be pulling the card from). 

Final presentation.

To finish off the note card sleeve, I added a stamped “hand crafted” image on the back of the card.  The pen holder  base was made from the Bookmark die (Papertrey Ink), then using a Limitless Layer (1 3/4″ – also from Papertrey Ink), I hand cut the glitter-felt snowflake layer and added it to the book mark using double sided tape.  Once assembled, I punched two small holes on either side so that florist wire and some decorative red ribbon could be pulled through to hold the pen in place.  Lastly, double sided foam tape was used to add the pen embellished bookmark to the top of the note card.

I stamped "hand crafted" on back of sleeve.

And wa-la!  Such a simple but fun project, and it goes to show you, there are many creative ways to present a gift.  Lots more Christmas crafting to post – stay tuned!  ~LM


2 comments on “Holiday Note Card Sleeve for Pen Gift

  1. Susan Mac Donald
    December 15, 2011

    great presentation….would love to purchase a pen; are they available for the public?

    • CreativeLMent
      December 16, 2011

      Hi Susan! He had 5 of them in the office today, all different woods, so beautiful! I will check and let you know if he has a website.

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