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I believe that creativity is a powerful skill that can be practiced and developed. I hope my blog inspires you to find your very own "creative lment". ~LM

A Year of Framed Stamped Art [March]

March's Framed Art Project

This colourful collage of decorative edgings and trims was inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated on March 17th.  I had many ideas for this month’s art, including leprechauns, gold coins, clovers and lucky charms, but in the end, I decided to make the “rainbow connection” using various decoratively cut papers and ribbons.  I have to admit, I went to town on this baby, cutting and gluing to achieve the final look, and really didn’t have much of a vision, except to have some good old, therapeutic play time. The final result is the most ornate and whimsical take I’ve ever seen of a rainbow, and I fell in love with it instantly.  I pondered to myself, if given the same materials, how many other variations of this rainbow other folks would come up with.  I think it would be a fun challenge to try with my girlfriends sometime!  Alas, a stamp never graced one inch of this paper, but I did use many paper cutting tools to create it.  Guess I can can bend my own rules from time to time, right?  Wishing you a wonderful, and creative March! ~ LM


2 comments on “A Year of Framed Stamped Art [March]

  1. Susan
    February 29, 2012

    such warm tones & a delight to have around…whether it be on the wall or free standing; TFS!! your creativity is wonderful.

  2. Lynda MacDonald
    February 29, 2012

    Very interesting take…kudos to your individuality!

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