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Petite Lip Balm Purse Tutorial

Stampin Up‘ recently released a beautiful purse die, but since I won’t be ordering it for a while, I thought I would put myself to the test and create my own design.  I had a very specific idea of what I wanted to make – pretty pink and black polkadot purses, large enough to stamp a sentiment and tuck in a small gift (lip balm).

After playing around with the dimensions, I finally landed on a good size for the base card stock: 5″ x 3″.  Using my handy ScorePal, I placed my card stock down (landscape) and scored at 2″ & 3″.  This creates the base of your purse.

Then I flipped the card stock (portrait), and again,using my ScorePal tool, lightly created small short notches to mark the 1/2″ point on each of the 4 corners.

Using those notches as a guide, I took my scissors, and cut diagonally, starting from inner score lines I added for the base to those outer little 1/2″ notch marks.  This creates the pretty shape for your purse.

To embellish my petite purse, I selected my handy oval punch, punched one for each of my purses and scored them to create a nice crisp fold.  To do this consistently, I placed the end of the oval at the 5″ mark (as shown in the picture above) then scored at the 4″ & 4.25″.  A little backwards – but for someone like me, who avoids math at all costs, it was perfect!

When I decided where I wanted my silver brad to sit, I used small tool to poke a starter hole, then pushed the brad right through and secured it with the fasteners.

Using a polka dot stamp set, I repeatedly stamped the image to fill in the entire exterior of the purse.

Using 4.25″ long pieces of thin black grosgrain ribbon, I added the purse “straps” using double sided adhesive.

Then I added the purse embellishment using double sided glue, and covered the inside tab (the one with the brad faster) with a small piece of velcro.  Using this as a guide, I attached the reverse piece of velcro (glue side out) in place and snapped the purse shut, finishing the purse.

I have seen a lot of wonderful, creative ideas used to lock in a lip balm on similar projects.  Because I wanted this project to be reusable (refilled with a lip balm and perhaps regifted if someone wanted to) I felt the best option for me was to use some elastic.  Using the lip balm as a template, I cut a short piece off, added some hot glue to one end, and then folded it over on to itself.  Once the glue was dried, I glued this “ring” right onto the inside of the purse base.  Then, I took a moment to stamp a small sentiment on the inside of purse.

These sweet little gifts are perfect for remembering hardworking coworkers – especially females in support roles. Don’t forget that Administrative Professionals Day is coming up on April  25, 2012 – and gifts such as these go a long way in showing appreciation.     Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! ~LM


2 comments on “Petite Lip Balm Purse Tutorial

  1. suemac
    April 6, 2012

    Oh, you’re so thoughtful; thanks for sharing your dimensions; hope you have a nice Easter weekend (r u off to C.B?)

  2. Lynda MacDonald
    April 8, 2012

    Cool! LOVE the design and concept!-Lynda

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