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DIY Beach Cover

Now that I have tackled DIY napkin and DIY tablecloth projects, I thought it was about time I added something wearable to my portfolio of sewing projects, especially since the ultimate goal of my sewing hobby is to make clothing.  And what could be easier than a beach cover-up project?  No darts, no fancy top stitching….literally, 3 rectangles sewn together! 

Over the past few months, I have seen lots of free clothing patterns on-line but have not yet had the confidence to try one….until I found this lovely, easy to follow tutorial from Bored and Crafty (via Pinterest).   And despite my nervousness and lack of experience, the instructions proved extremely easy to follow. 

The most challenging aspect of the project was the fabric I selected.  I had a vision….I wanted something sheer, breezy and tropical for our upcoming trip – and when I saw this tiffany blue fabric staring back at me from the discount bin, I knew it would be perfect.  However, the material did not take very well to pressing (every fold had to be pinned down perfectly) but in the end, I didn’t mind though as I was learning so much in the process.

I was so tickled  at this point in the project – I could really see everything coming together.   And I got to experience for myself how all the seams connect.  I realized how easy it would be to use the same principles to make simple garments like skirts….so exciting! :D

Once I had all the edges sewn, I cut out cord casings (to sew on the inside).  I didn’t make a pattern for these, I just made sure they were cut straight and consistent in width, then, I compared them with my garment to trim down the length.  Once they were perfect,  I pinned them on to the inside of each rectangle at waist level.  As a curvy, 5 foot tall girl, this aspect of the project was awesome because the garment was truly being sewn to my proportions.

This step was a little tricky for me, partly because I am new to sewing (and wasn’t sure how best to pin everything down), and partly because the fabric was very slippery to work with.  I just kept my foot light on the pedal and went slow.  I was amazed with how quickly I sewed these on.  Once the casings were attached, I quickly sewed up some cord using the same fabric.  I’ve never made my own cord before, but I figured it would be good use of the extra material I had on hand.  To make the cord, I literally cut a long strip of fabric, folded it, sewed down one side, and then used a safety pin to turn it inside out.  It was pretty easy!

Oh my goodness – I couldn’t believe it when I realized how little thread I had left towards the end – now that’s cutting it close!  I learned so much with this project, and now that I have the templates already cut, it would be a breeze to make another.  Overall this project cost me about $7 – not bad for a custom beach cover!


One comment on “DIY Beach Cover

  1. Lynda MacDonald
    August 8, 2012

    Congratulations on your Olympic sewing sprint into Beach Wear,Lisa Marie! It looks so lovely…very nice,soft colour!Enjoy! hugs,lynda

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