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DIY Jean Hem (Using the Original Hem)

As I look upon my “sewing-to-do” pile, I often think how many of those alterations I would have previously ignored and just lived with.  It’s often easier, quicker…and certainly cheaper!  But in the end, fit is style – and the more tailored your clothes are, the better you look.   Now that I have my sewing machine, and I know how to use it,  I will never pay for alterations again.

Because I’m only 5 feet tall, a common issue I have is with pants.  Even petite sizes often have to be taken up (if I do not intend to wear them with heels).  Before I owned a sewing machine,  (to save a few dollars) I used to do these alterations by hand, using a simple fold and sew technique.  Sadly, this cuts the original hem off, and although you wouldn’t think it makes much difference, it does.  The original hem can visually make you look a little taller – and for me, that little bit counts!

Determined to learn how to hem jeans like a pro, I came across this  wonderful tutorial on how to hem jeans using the original hem (thanks to The Pretty Poppy).  It was very easy to follow, although I am still not able to figure out how they sewed through the thickest part of the jean hem during reattachment (on my machine, I could only sew through the front and back, and had to handstitch the two sems on each leg),  I’m happy to say though that the end product is still very professional!  Now that I have tried this, I won’t hesitate to use this as my, new, go-to hemming technique!


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