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DIY Tomato Cage Trees

Last November I was searching around on Pinterest for project ideas and found a pin on how to DIY planters trees out of tomato cages.  AWESOME right?  Except you can’t buy tomato cages ANYWHERE in Halifax in November (..grrr!).  So I waited patiently (but somewhat bitter-ally), until the spring when my local dollar store began to carry them.  I bought two, and raced home to put my plan into action.

As you can see, these are very easy to make.  You literally take a tomato cage, wrap it in garland (step 1), string on some lights (step 2), and add a second layer of garland overtop to hide the wires (step 3).  I kept everything in place using florist wire. In the end, these cost me about $7 each to make – cheaper if you buy the garland once it goes on sale after the holidays.  Tomato cages get stocked shortly after that (trust me, I know!! lol).

And the best part?  I can hit the dollar store throughout the year and buy pretty decorations to embellish them (thanks to my friend Pat for the idea!).  Right now I’ve got some nice silver pinecone clusters in them for the holidays (step 4).  Oooo –  I can’t wait to do more Christmas decorating this weekend!!!  Hope you’re all out having fun too!


One comment on “DIY Tomato Cage Trees

  1. Lynda MacDonald
    November 23, 2012

    Very pretty and welcoming! Especially like the idea of hanging seasonal ornaments on them throughout the year…looks so natural as well!…hugs,Lynda

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