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Fitted T-Shirt Resize (Halcon 2012)

If you’ve ever decided to attend a comic convention and you’re in the market for that perfectly fitted “geek-chic T”… oh, and you are a WOMAN – my experience indicates that you might be out of luck. At least if you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  My girlfriend and I recently decided to attend Halcon 2012, and to set the right tone, we decided to join in the fun – which for most ladies, meanings sporting the right accessories.  And so began our journey for the perfect T-shirt.  Our friend Google turned up a few online shops, and for a while we were optimistic.  Then we came to the realization that most of the shirts we were finding were “girls” t-shirts – cut for younger, much smaller tweens (and wouldn’t appropriately stretch over our…uhm….lady bits). And, if I wanted to take the risk and settle for a boxy “men’s” sized t-shirt, it was going to cost me at least $50 to have it delivered.  Determined, I continued on my journey….and during a chance conversation with the hubby discovered that our local Walmart always carries a wonderful selection of men’s/boy’s comic themed t-shirts….most for less than $10!!!  That’s where I found this lovely Spiderman shirt…although, as you can see, its cut for a man and not very flattering.  Now, if you’re going to a comic convention with your BFF, and neither of you really know anything about comics, you are least want your shirt to be cute, right?

Since I’d already been through a t-shirt resize with my hubby’s Apple Store  t-shirt resize project, I had some confidence that I knew what to you.  I selected a good sample shirt (in this case I used one of my favorite Disney T’s) and use it as a template.  However, I used a slightly difference method with this one (as shown in the picture below) – I cut open the slides, sliced off the access, and removed the sleeves.  It wasn’t the most comfortable feeling slicing and dicing my new T, however, was confident that I could reassemble it…well, in some manner lol.

Then I reattached the slides.  This is where I veered from my original plan (because the perfectionist in me just couldn’t help herself) – I added darts!  I pinned my dart location and made some additional adjustments to the top of the sleeve (I decided it wasn’t cut close enough to my natural shoulder line.

Once I sewed in the darts, I was able to reattach the sleeves, which I also shortened (from the cut edge so as to keep the existing trim in tact).

Then I reattached the sleeve, making adjustments where needed to sew it back on.  Over all, an easy project using a technique similar to the one used here at EtsyTrashion – producing a much more fitted look.  …At this point, I’m quite convinced that my little sewing machine makes the whole world a much happier and more civilized place! :)


2 comments on “Fitted T-Shirt Resize (Halcon 2012)

  1. Allie
    April 10, 2013

    Ooh I like this one. When I get my own place I plan to have a crafts room and be a mini LM. Also I remember you buying your fave Disney top :)

    • CreativeLMent
      April 10, 2013

      Love it! LOL – yes, I bought that one on our Adventures By Disney trip. Good memory Allie!!!

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