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DIY Winter Coats for Doggies

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Some of you may recall my recent pillow slip cover project for which I used a nice soft fleece. The fleece was very easy to work with and made for a quick project since I did not need to finish the cut edges in any way. Sounds lovely, right? It would be, except it is CLEAR that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to buying fabric. Despite meteculously pre-calulating how much fabric I need, when it comes to responding to an associate’s “how much do you want?” my answer is almost always “3 meters”. I am terrified of not buying enough, especially since it’s not currently scooter season and I would have to depend on poor hubby to drive me to the fabric store. I’d rather have more than not enough… but 3 meters is a heck of a lot of fabic, especially when you’re talking fleece. It’s bulky to store and only useful on a select range of projects. So, left with a considerable amount from the pillow project, I was left to ponder and contimplate how I would use up the rest of my surplus – especially since I had been affectionately refering to the stuff as the “ugly sweater”.

Lucky for me, I have a good friend who owns two small dogs. They’re tiny, so they would appreciate a little something warm to wear when they go outside to do their business, AND they are dogs, which means they’re not too picky when it comes to colours. Yay!

Dog Coats_Collage

To make the doggie coats, I collected some measurements for each dog, which included:

  • body-length (collar to base of tail)
  • neck-circumference
  • chest-circumference (just behind front legs)

In terms of a pattern, I used the template and instructions found over at Talking Tails. The template and the instructions provided were very useful, but without actually having the dogs in front of me to test the various pattern adjustments, it was difficult for me to judge whether or not my changes were going to result in a comfortable product. Luckily, my friend confirmed that the jackets fit great and that the dogs didn’t mind wearing them at all. And we both agreed, they turned out pretty darned cute. Double yay!

But I still have quite a bit of this stuff left over…any ideas? :D

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One comment on “DIY Winter Coats for Doggies

  1. Lynda MacDonald
    February 5, 2013

    What a great idea for the extra material! Looks so cute and indeed must have been appreciated during this frigid weather by both doggies and human parent! Way to go,Lisa Marie! Great project! Enjoy your next project,hugs,Lynda

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