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T-Shirt to Fringe Scarf Refashion

fringe scarf_creativelment_step5b

My girlfriend Pat and I (who I also work with) now partake in what I affectionately call “Mid-Day Creative Interludes” – a scheduled lunch time activity with project inspiration usually drawn from Pinterest. Project selection is made easy by the sharing of a dedicated “board”, and over weekends and evenings, we both use it to post new ideas. So simple, right?  We have really enjoyed taking a mid-day break to relax and do something creative.. it’s very energizing!

Last month we decided to try a fringed scarf project.  Not many supplies were needed and it didn’t take long.  I thought I’d share the process with you in the event you wanted to make one too.  Note that I am showing both a pink shirt and a grey shirt to illustrate the steps – the pink one is mine, and the grey one is my friend’s husband’s t-shirt :) (…uhm, lets just say, to protect the innocent, I won’t post her picture lol!). You might choose to  refashion a previously loved t-shirt like we did, or, you could pick a new one up at your local dollar store.  Either way, it’s not expensive to try!


  • T-shirt (I used a size small)
  • Scissors for cutting fabric

Step 1:  Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface.

fringe scarf_creativelment_step1

Step 2: Cut off the top of the shirt, just under the arms, like my friend Pat did.  You will be left with a tube of material, and if you are using your husband’s t-shirt without him knowing, a slight sense of being naughty.  Go with it!

fringe scarf_creativelment_step2

Step 3:  On the side you just cut (the side without a hem), begin cutting your fringe to the desired length.  Just remember that the section you leave uncut will provide the structure for your scarf, so leave a band of at least 2-3″.  Cut strips that are even in width but don’t worry if you make a mistake – when you are done, no one will be able to tell, trust me!

fringe scarf_creativelment_step3

Step 4: After you have cut the strips, tug on each one to stretch them out and make the fabric curl.  This helps to separate the strands.  You can leave them like that, or, you could do what I did and make little knots on each end.  I found that the knots helped separate the strands even further, which I prefered.

fringe scarf_creativelment_step4

Step 5: Enjoy your new refashioned scarf!  It looks super artsy layered with a t-shirt, yoga pants and ballet flats – and you’ll feel great wearing something you made yourself. Have a fun weekend!

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One comment on “T-Shirt to Fringe Scarf Refashion

  1. diaryofamadmama
    March 9, 2013

    Cute! Love the pink!

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