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Black & White Skirt Refashion

xxx_beforeafter_postA few weeks ago, as I was trolling my favorite Goodwill store, I came across this little number.  It had a cutesy ruffle trim and a cutesy little bow, but what I was really after was that black and white fabric, which is a huge trend right now.  And as sweet as the accents were, I just couldn’t see myself wearing it as is (if you are 5 feet tall with chubby cheeks like me, you have to be very careful to avoid looking “cute”, especially at work!).  I figured it was a worthy refashion project – especially since the skirt was only $1.50!

Step 1_cat_post

Here’s Bentley, my feline sewing assistant, hard at work, weighing down the fabric while making himself the center of my attention.  He loves it when I sew!

Step 1: Remove cat from project….LOL In my house, that is always step #1!

Step 2_Ribbon_post

I knew  that the skirt would be on the short side, and I was okay with that.  I imagined myself wearing with it tights and flats – very “mod”! :D  To find some extra length, I removed the ribbon trim before cutting the ruffle off, giving me an extra .5″ of length.

Step 3 Detach_post

Once I cut that off,  I could really get a sense of what the finished project would look like. All done, right?  Not quite.

Step 4 insideout_post

The next issue I had was that the skirt was too big for me.  Since the zipper was in the back (thank goodness!) this was a very easy fix.  All I had to do was turn the skirt inside out, lift up the lining, put it on and carefully pin out the shape I wanted the skirt to be – custom fit to my shape.

Step 6_Pin_post

Then I took my sewing machine and created a seam based on where I placed the pins.  For this project, I didn’t fuss too much with the waist band and just let the skirt hang a little lower on my hips (yay, more length!); I started sewing the side seam about 3″ below the waist and continued my seam all the way down to the bottom. Then I repeated on the other side.

Step 7_sew new seam_post

Of course, I was now left with big bands of fabric inside my side seams.  If this were a thinner material, I might get away with leaving it as it, however, thin  fabric this was not.  To remedy this, I pulled out my trusty seam ripper and opened up the old seam.  Because the difference between the old and new seam was relatively small (about 1.5″), instead of cutting off those pretty surged ends, I left them as is, and just ironed the open seam down flat.  If the side seams were any bigger than 2.5″ I would trim them shorter and re-finish the edges myself.

Step 8_let out old seam_post

Once I was done, all that was left was to narrow out the inside lining (using the same technique), sew the bottom edge, and shorten the lining.

How many times have I found a “too big” but high quality skirt at Goodwill for a wonderful price.  Umh, like, ALL THE TIME!  Can you imagine how many fabulous, custom fit pencil skirts a person could make themselves using this technique from just a $20 investment?  …Sewing rocks! :D Creative LMent LM Sig


3 comments on “Black & White Skirt Refashion

  1. Lynda MacDonald
    April 9, 2013

    Beautifully done! Looks lovely! Way to go Lisa Marie-very creative!

    • CreativeLMent
      April 10, 2013

      Thank you! :)

  2. kleine kleinigkeiten
    November 2, 2013

    great idea! thank you for your inspiration.

    warm regards

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