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I believe that creativity is a powerful skill that can be practiced and developed. I hope my blog inspires you to find your very own "creative lment". ~LM

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Card


Here is a card I designed, inspired by the  Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar’s you can find at any Disney park, resort or cruise ship.  They are one of my MOST favourite treats in the whole wide world.  See how polite and civilized I look in this picture of me holding one?  Do not be fooled.  I am barely holding myself back here while my husband takes the photo.  Seriously – I DESTROYED that cute little ice cream.

LM_Mickey prem

This card was so easy to make, just a few circles, a popsicle sitck, and some small embellishments (a tag and some ribbon).  I used a Spellbinder die to make it look like someone (yes, it was me) had taken a small bite.


I have been so busy with sewing projects lately – but I did not want you to think I had given up on all my other hobbies – such as my beloved paper crafts.  Believe you me, I am still completely obsessed with it (as my growing craft hoard would show). Now that summer is on its way (or at least here in Nova Scotia, I like to pretend it is), I’ll be starting a variety of fun seasonal paper projects.  I cannot wait to show you what I have planned :)  I hope you all have a fabuous week!Creative LMent LM Sig


One comment on “Mickey Premium Ice Cream Card

  1. Lynda MacDonald
    April 16, 2013

    Looks delicious enough to eat! lol Love the design! Thank you for sharing,Lisa Marie!…hugs,Lynda

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