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Valentine’s Itty Bitty Box and Card Set

4Boxes wHearts_sigHappy Valentine’s Day 2014!  Here is a quick peak of the treat boxes I made this year for a few of my fabulous co-workers.  I made these cute little boxes using the Itty Bitty Box and Envelope die (from Stampin’ UP).  I then added some felt heart embellishments and filled them with fragrant cinnamon hearts.   I did them in 2 different looks, one red and one pink.

Inside the tiny envelop is a tiny little note card, which I made using one of my square punches.  One of my friends said she felt like “Alice” from Alice in Wonderland opening it, as the card and envelop are so small. Hahaha!


I then bundled everything up together using some white baker’s twine.

vday boxes

This project was a lot of fun and relatively quick to make.  Folks loved how tiny and cute their gift was.  Makes me wish I’d pulled out this die a little sooner! :) I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

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