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My Cubicle-Chic Makeover!

desk1Post-Christmas, I came to work one grey, stormy morning, and, standing at the entrance of my little cubicle space, fully acknowledged that I was spending my days in total blah-ness. Standard issue calendar, pencil cup and binders.  Not inspiring!  I’d always worked hard make my home both beautiful and functional –  and knew that creating such a space gave me greater focus, inspiration and inner peace.  Shouldn’t the same approach be used for my office too?  Hells ya! I headed to the web and found some great inspiration on Google and Pinterest.  Some of the ideas I saw were too over done for me (not sure what message a “tropical vacation”  or “castle” theme would say to my boss) or too crafty (I love banners and paper mache s like its no body’s business – but I don’t want my co-workers to only see that side of me).  I instead created a list of all the details or items I loved from each image – and at the end of it, my cubicle- chic style emerged.   Filled with all the things I love, my new space is modern, functional and pretty to look at.  Oh-la-la!

desk2It took a while to select just the right items, but between Amazon, a few local stores, and a little personal creativity, I was able to find just the right pieces for my space. In the process, I was also able take something from my vision board and make it a reality: the idea of always having fresh flowers on my desk. To create a space for it (that would not get in the way of day to day activities), I bought myself little cubicle shelf off  Amazon, then added a small glass vase and my Disney Imagineering business card holder.     It’s a little bit of luxury that I have always wanted, and at one single flower a week, its pretty affordable.  Plus, I now look forward to taking a break every Monday morning  to select and buy my flower for the week.  It’s such a treat!

desk3Some of the items were even provided to me by my organization, such as the file cabinet and new office chair, or free, such as my DIY monogrammed desktop wallpaper, my 12 month calendar and the smoothing sounds of internet jazz streaming in throughout the work day.  My bonus item was the bench I bought at Target – it replaces the sad, broken task chair I had been using for guests (not shown).  It takes up less room, is nice to look at, and people actually want to sit on it.  To accessorize,  I placed some DIY art and an offering of chocolate on the top of the cabinet  (the chocolate sits in a beautiful glass dish my friend Pat gave me last year – happy memories!).  Overall, my space is now thoughtfully laid out with beautiful accents. It still might be grey and stormy outside, but at least I’m now surrounded by a little bit of sunshine when I’m at work.  Have a great week everyone!

UPDATE [2014-05-23]  I just wanted to give you an updated view of the right side of my desk, which I use mainly for writing or chatting on the phone (see below).  It now features an awesome desk pad ($8 IKEA), and, an adorable little Buddha statue.  I’m still loving all the changes I made to my work space and love how relaxing it is.  It is so much easier to concentrate in a work space that brings together form and function!


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2 comments on “My Cubicle-Chic Makeover!

  1. riciaengland
    March 5, 2014

    Love it…. the glass dish – what a nice place to put it….

  2. Lynda MacDonald
    March 6, 2014

    LOVE what you did to your work space,LisaMarie! The new look is vey inviting,most professional ,clean, sleek,practical and VERY CHIC! Your co-workers should be asking you for ideas to help them do over their spaces to feel as great as you must in such a warm,inviting space.Otherwise,that cute guest chair will always be full of co-workers wanting to work in an uplifting space! lol

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